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Special contributions from Dharma friends

Why should Amitabha Buddha’s 18th Vow of Amitabha Buddha be his Primal Vow, as understood by Shinran Shonin and Jodo Shinshu?
by Stephen Ho (Singapore)       5 January 2014

I felt the urgent need to write this short article to explore solely within the context of the Larger Pureland Sutra ( a.k.a. The Larger Sutra of Amitayus ) the reasons for Amida Buddha's 18th Vow to be his Primal Vow as taught by Shinran Shonin and Jodo Shinshu. - Stephen Ho

Shinran Shonin’s Logic of Salvation , by Gabriel Schlaefer       9 January 2013

Paper prepared on January 8, 2013, by Gabriel Schlaefer, a lay Nembutsu follower in America. In his paper, Gabriel draws to our attention the beauty and warmth of Shinran Shonin's use of logic in his teaching of Amida Buddha's Dharma.