The Way of Jodo Shinshu
Reflections on the Hymns of Shinran Shonin

Sanjo Wasan of Shinran Shonin

Principal translation used on this site

All quotes from the writings of Shinran Shonin come from The Collected Works of Shinran, Jodoshinshu Hongwanji-ha, Kyoto, 1997, Vol. 1 [CWS]. The Sanjo Wasan (Shinran's Hymns) are from CWS pp. 321-429.

For closer study of Shinran's hymns, readers may also wish to consult the following translations:

Jodo Wasan
The Hymns on the Pure Land

Ryukoku Translation Center Vol IV
204 pp

The Jodo Wasan praise the ineffable glories of Amida, the Pure Land and the Nembutsu. Expounding the import of the Pure Land Sutras, they caution against doubt and encourage faith in the Universal Compassionate Vow of Amida. - Jacket. Notes, index and bibliography.

Koso Wasan
The Hymns on the Patriarchs

Ryukoku Translation Center Vol. VI
181 pp

This volume is an excellent introduction to the history and teachings of the Jodo Shinshu. This is available in both hardback and paperback editions. Notes, index, and bibliography.

Shozomatsu Wasan
Shinran's Hymns on the Last Age

Ryukoku Translation Center Vol. VII
164 pp

This collection concerns the Last Age of the Dharma. In these are a window into the heart and humanity of Shinran. This publication also includes the Mappo Tomyoki, an essay on the spiritual condition during the Decline of the Dharma. Comprehensive notes, index, and bibliography.

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Jodo Wasan

Koso Wasan

Shozomatsu Wasan